How many free bags can I take on Ethiopian Airlines?

A major part of the airline journey is baggage provision because its condition varies under any circumstances and affects travelers packing. So, when you have chosen Ethiopian Airlines as a travel companion then, you should be able to bring at least two carry-on bags without paying any additional fees. However, you get to follow certain conditions to carry free bags on Ethiopian Airlines, and those policies have been defined at the bottom titles.

Render general information on free baggage from Ethiopian Airlines

You get to comply with certain rules, and you can know about that by using Ethiopian Airlines Phone Number, 1 (800) 445-2733, or take a peek at the bottom:-

  • You can take a bag with a maximum weight of 32 kg.
  • The dimension of bags might not exceed 62 linear inches.
  • When your travel starts from the United States and Ethiopian Airlines is not your first Airline, then you may have to follow different rules.
  • If you are carrying an item that may cause damage to another bag might not be accepted unless it is properly packed. 

Summon information on Ethiopian Airlines baggage policy

When you have to take more than a free bag, you get to follow up with the baggage policies, and rules are written at the bottom.

Carry on 

The number of bags that you could take into the cabin is illustrated at the bottom:-

  • When you are traveling in economy class, then you can take 1 bag, and a business class can carry 2 luggage.
  • When the weight of each bag does not have to exceed 7 kg.
  • You can also be able to carry one personal item bag for free too.

Checked bags

When you have to bring a bag more than a carry-on, then you can submit it to the cargo hold. You can acquire details by dialing Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service Phone Number 1 (800) 445-2733. Otherwise, you can read at the points:-

  • You can take at least two bags, and the weight of each bag should 23 kg in total. And the dimension of a bag could be 62 linear inches.
  • If you are a member of cloud nine, then you can take at least 2 bags of 32 kg each with a size of 62 linear inches.
  • When you have ShebaMiles Gold, ShebaMiles Silver, and Star Gold membership, then you are able to travel with 3 pieces of luggage.
  • When you have to take more luggage then of prescribed then you get to pay for same on the basis of ticket and routes.

Sports equipment

You can travel with free sports equipment on the Airline, and the condition related to this are as follows:-

  • You can travel with one checked bag with a weight of 32 kg and a dimension of 62 linear inches. 
  • When you have to carry more luggage than the permitted one, then you may have to pay an extra sum for the same.

Furthermore, you might not get into the trap of queries like How many free bags can I take on Ethiopian Airlines? Because a resolution regarding this is available here. When you need more information, speak with customer service and get answers.

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