How long does it take for ANA refund?

If you have booked your flight with ANA airline and have to cancel it due to unavoidable circumstances, you are eligible for a refund under some situations. If you have already made a request regarding the refund and are wondering how long does it take for ANA refund, then it can take from two to three months in order for the refund to be completed depending on the time and date of when the request was made and when it has been accepted. In case you still have a query regarding your refund, then you can contact ANA customer service. 

What are the refund policies of ANA airways? 

If you booked a flight with ANA airways and had to cancel your flight, then you must know if you are eligible for a refund. It would help if you went through the ANA refund policy. You must know the rules and regulations before requesting a refund and their terms and conditions so that you do not face any negative consequences. Go through these policies in detail:

If your flight has been canceled due to extreme weather conditions, then you can follow these procedures to check your eligibility: 

1. The miscellaneous electronic documents and eligible tickets include- 

  • The ANA international tickets (only the tickets which have 205 in the first three digits) with a confirmed booking on the flights that have been delayed or canceled. 
  • An EMD has been issued for the ancillary services for the ANA flights that have been canceled- with the EMD numbers starting with 205. 
  • Another airline’s international ticket that is having a confirmed reservation with the flights that have been canceled. 

The requests for refund are accepted within one year and thirty days of the date of the first sector of the flight upon submission of the physical ticket or electronic ticket itinerary receipts. 

2. The policy of refund for tickets purchased through ANA official: 

  • If you made a booking through ANA, then you may apply for a refund by contacting ANA by phone or the ANA airport ticketing counter. 
  • One thing you have to keep in mind is that you cannot request a refund on the official website ANA. 
  • Kindly contact ANA in the same country as you purchased your ticket in. 
  • The procedures for refund can vary depending on the country where the ticket was originally purchased. 

3. For the tickets purchased through any third party like a travel agency: 

  • Due to currency restrictions, refunds may only be possible in the country. Kindly contact the travel agency that you booked your ticket from.
  • If you are seeking a refund from any other country than Japan, then it will be possible to refund by check. 
  • Refunds will be made in the same currency of the country where the refund has been made. 

4. Know about the refundable amount: 

  • For involuntary cancellations or refunds, the refund charges and other penalties will not be applicable. 
  • Before the first flight sector, a refund will be issued, including the paid fare and taxes. 
  • After the first flight sector, the fare and any taxes will be refunded for unused sectors. 
  • If you have purchased any service, then the service fees that are unused will be refunded. 

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